New York Here I Come

Oct 2, 2014

I am sitting in an airport waiting for a flight that will take me to New York City. And it still hasn’t sunk in that I will be spending the next three months learning and coding at Hacker School. I have a few ideas for projects I’d like to work on, but at the moment I’m feeling like getting a solid grounding in Python might be a good first step. I do want to make some games and graphics and visualization stuff. It is all very undecided and terrifying, but also exciting.

Artistic Rendition of New York City

My main objective at the moment is to get focused on something. I’m afraid I’ve been terribly unsure about everything so far and keep jumping around as a result. Other objectives include:

  • blogging regularly (even if I cringe at my own writing sometimes)
  • talk to people
  • power through self-doubt
  • make time to not stress about things or feel like I should be working

note (2016/07/15): Hacker School has since rebranded as The Recurse Center