Blogging In

Aug 22, 2014

This blog is the result of a mental vector field shift; the need to concretize my thoughts and create a presence with them has overpowered the uncertainess of me actually being able to do that. This uncertainess is not a lack of confidence in my own ability, but a tendency to get bogged down with the frustration of never being able to explain what’s going on in my head in a completely satisfactory way. My current working solution is to get whatever thoughts I’m having out there, no matter how messy or incomplete. I’ll be blogging about my progress as a programmer, what I’m learning, what I’m working on, ideas for future projects, concepts to explore, etc. etc.

I will aim to not spend too much time obsessing over posts, making them eloquent, complete and well-ordered. My blog motto will be : periodic over perfection. I hope to gain a better understanding of my own thoughts by writing about them, and track the progres of my ideas. And I hope you like reading about what I have to say. Wish me luck!