Hi :>

I'm Julia, and this is my website.


I'm a software engineer at Arcturus Studios. I mostly work on VR technology using Unity and C#. In my spare time I like to make music, art and games.

I have a BSc in mathematics and music from Dalhousie University. I spent a lot of time studying classical piano and graph theory.

My other pastimes include dancing Argentine tango, reading fiction, and fawning over greyhounds I meet in the park.


Meta Blog

Sep 24, 2016

I decided to redo my website recently. It was nice to revisit a development process with a bunch of new knowledge and insight, and see how differently I approached it. It also gave me the chance to take a long hard look at the under-used moleskine journal that is my blog. That got me thinking about what sort of posts worked well, or didn’t, and why. So I decided to reflect a bit on that and try to get a better footing blogging forward.

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